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Long time since last time I uploaded my work, so time to fix that. I've uploaded 10 pages from the last two published books.
I'm still working at DC's Justice League Dark. I've just finished issue #12 and we have plans for a long run, so let's hope the readers support the book.
Working with Jeff Lemire is a blast. The man is on fire, and he's delivering amazing ideas, mixing the old Vertigo stuff, like the Trenchcoat Brigade or The Books of Magic with the New 52 Universe, building ties with Justice League and the Dark line.
What's bad is I have almost no time for updating my online stuff. I used to answer every message and thanking favorites and watches, but now I just can't. So many many thanks for all the favorites, pageviews and new watchers. I really appreciate the support.
Also, it has become extremely rare that I comment or favorite stuff of my long list of watched people. Each time I enter DeviantArt I have literally thousands of images to check, so I just see the thumbnails passing while I erase them from my message board. Sorry for that, but I feel overwhelmed when I see there are so many pieces of art to see and no time to enjoy them.
In a personal level, my two children are growing up really fast. Is great to be working at home, otherwise I feel I would be losing a lot of them. My wife is wonderful and I feel so blessed to have my family.
Best regards,

Great master Ernie Chan passed away. Sad to hear. The last work I saw from him was with DeviantArt pal Andrew Zar for, but I was huge fan of his work in Conan years ago.
Rest in peace, master. :(
I'm nominated to Eagle Awards, in pencil artists category. Be kind and vote for me! :D
Votadme a los premios Eagle, en la categoría de pencil artists! En el resto votad lo que queráis! ;D…
Hi, I will attend NYCC this week, so here are the essentials.

I will be at Artist Alley at table J7, available for comissions, sketches and chat about comics or anything. Pass and say hello!
I will be at DC Booth too, for signing or just talk.

Friday 10/14
1-2pm - SIGNING (DC BOOTH #1254)

Saturday 10/15
3-4pm – SIGNING (DC BOOTH #1254)

Also, I'm going to the DC Comics Talent Party. Cool!

Hope I will see a bunch of DA fellows!
There we go, New York!
Hey, my agent set up prices for comissions at NYCC. If you may be interested in art by Nutopi@ artists, such as Vicente Cifuentes, Rafa Sandoval or myself, please check them and follow the comission info in Nutopi@ web.…
This month don't forget Justice League Dark, my first ongoing series for DC Comics, is out, on september 28th, as part of The New 52 Relaunch. I must say this one is an AWESOME book, not only because I'm doing the drawings, but because it ROCKS. And it's written by PETER MILLIGAN, oh yeah, and colored by ULISES ARREOLA. So if you're not totally sold yet, just check the video I've made to promote it. Really, I did it. Yeah, I know it looks like fan-made. That's because it's fan-made. I didn't use Windows Media Maker before, and it was pretty cool. Yeah, maybe it sucks, but you know, I'm trying to improve.
Well, check it, and don't matter if you like the trailer or not. Buy the book, so they ask me to do another book next month! It's just 2.99$, and you can buy it in your usual store (well not only there, there are actually more places, but try first in your usual store), or (here is important) DIGITALLY here… for example. So no excuses!
Oh, yeah, the link, I forgot.…

Did I say I'm pretty excited with all that thing? :)
Come and add to your watch list the amazing Julián López, artist on DC Comic titles such as Action Comics and many others!
Hi guys, looks like I'll be at NYCC this october. My first con as a pro! And I will have my own table! :D
I would love to hear how it works from people who already have been attending tables, selling sketchbooks and all that, because I don't have an idea about it.
Is it profitable to sell sketchbooks, printings and so? Are commissions at cons only for super stars or everybody do them? Should I carry with original art, printings and so or I would better relax and enjoy the Con and the city?
Thanks a lot for your comments, my friends! :)
I hope to see some of you there!

DC Comics
FLASHPOINT: Deadman & the Flying Graysons. Written by J.T. KRUL; Art by MIKEL JANIN; Cover by CLIFF CHIANG
FLASH FACT! For their last performance – an escape act!

Check a preview of this awesome story in my gallery! :)

Podéis ver varias páginas en mi galería!
Between all the DC #1 titles relaunch is the new series JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK, written by superstar Peter Milligan, and with pencils and inks of yours truly Mikel Janín!
I can't be more excited! Can't wait until september, when it comes to shelves!
Check the DC announcement here:…

And the amazing cover Ryan Sook did!…

Yiiiiiii-haaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! :)
JLA 80 Page Giant 2011 is out in the stores! My very first pages published at DC, take a peek in my gallery, here:………

I've been lucky enough to do pencils, greytones and color. Hope you my friends like it.
Check the trailer here:…



Inks by GUILLERMO ORTEGO and others
Color by ROD REIS, KYLE RITTER and others


As the team faces Eclipso in the the pages of JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA, Adam Glass, producer/writer for TV’s Supernatural, joins other talents to take us on a journey revealing key battles between the World’s Greatest Heroes and mystical, hellish beings, including the Demon, Zatanna – and an object that could blackened the heroes’ very souls.

DC Universe
$5.99 US
On Sale April 6, 2011
Before finishing my JLA 80 Page Giant pages I got more DC work!
I'm stunned!

Covers: Cliff Chiang
Writer: JT Krul
Art: Mikel Janin…
I'm soooooooooooo happy! Last night I received the call of Pepe, my agent, telling me that I got work from DC! Of course I can not give any details, but I'm so excited and happy! I've been working for it during 21 months, and now is true! Yiiiiiiiiii-haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah guys. My pal and amazing inker Guillermo Ortego has his new account here at Deviant Art ( He has been working for Marvel and DC comics among others, and currently is inking the beautiful pencils of Emanuela Luppachino ( on X-Factor.
Go check his work and watch him! :)
And here it is! Finally, my graphic novel of the Spain team in the South Africa 2010 World Cup is published.
Written by Pepe Caldelas, penciled by me, colored by Ander Zárate and me, is published by Panini Comics.
Here are a few links:
My blog (check it and leave a comment! ;)):…
A spanish press post:…
A portuguese press post:…
And the trailer:…
Really exciting!
I've just finished a graphic novel for Panini Comics. Don't know exactly how much I can tell about, so better not too much.
Will be published in a few weeks, the script is written by Pepe Caldelas, pencils are mine, and color by Ander Zarate and myself.
I will post pages as soon as I can.
Now is time to finish some stuff, specially Cadaver project, by Kevin Albright and Matt Levin, before they kill me! :)
Christopher Gregorio, small-time Flash game developer, has revealed the secret to achieving a profitable working relationship with artists: Take advantage of them and rip them off. He openly admits to trawling deviantART in search of naive artists who are unaware of the value of their work.

You may have read this, but just in case, spread the word!…
Well, thank you all the new watchers, I've arrived to 2,000 visits, so that must mean something. Thanks to all people faving and collecting my work. I've tried to answer all the messages, so sorry if I've deleted anyone without answering. Many thanks to everybody.
I was in Barcelona Comic Con (Ficomic) and had interviews with Jim Chadwick (Wildstorm), Joseph Rybandt (Dynamite), Brian Cunningham (DC Comics) and Mark Paniccia (Marvel). All of them were really kind and had good words for my work. Specially Brian Cunningham made my day saying that I made his day! :)
So I've finished my color test for Marvel (sent yesterday) and some of my pencils (sent one day before) and hope to get work from the bigs soon. Let's cross fingers!
Had the chance to meet great artists, like Vicente Cifuentes, (Check Vicente's work - Green Lantern Corps, Superman/Batman, Green Arrow and many others here: Guillem Marí (Spiderman loves Mary Jane, Fantastic 4 and others, Guillermo Ortego, Paco Díaz, Pepe Boada, Hernán Migoya and my old pals Stygryt and David Belmonte. Really nice people. I met my agent, Pepe Caldelas, in person, too. It was really exciting feeling myself part of his team.
Yesterday I had my first published book in Spain, La Búsqueda Definitiva #8: Higuaín. Based on football player, Gonzalo Higuaín, for Adidas and published by As. Feel good having it in my hands.
I'm working in a fantastic new project with Brendan Cahill. The script rocks! I will give more details soon, but for now I've uploaded a page on my DA gallery. I've been selected for a couple new projects too, I'll say more soon. I'm not taking more comissions for a while, I will be busy until march.
These are the projects where I am involved for the next months:

Antonin Phylifandre: La couronne de Pthah. Fantastic script by Stygryt. Got 39 pages of 56. Deadline end march 2010.
Thief: Issue #1. Script by Alejandro Puyana. Got 14 pages of 22. Hope I will end on december/january.
Demonic: Issue #1. Script by David Herbert. Got 1 page of 8 for the pitch. Need time for it...
The Inferno. Script by Brendan Cahill. Got 1 page of 9 for the pitch. I'm working on it right now.
A great 10 pages pitch. I can't say more for the moment. I will work on it in february, I think.
Three illustrations for Pro Se Productions.

Lot of work! What I am doing here posting this? Let's draw comics! ;)

PS: about the rates I gave in previous post, please note these are not for comic pages, just single drawings, ok? Comic pages rates are higher, just ask if interested!
Hi everybody.

You can check my DA gallery and these:

I'm involved in several projects, but I still have the time to get comissions.
Feel free to e-mail me at

Sketches: from 20$
Finished pencils: from 35$
Also can do digital inking and colors. Just ask me.